5 tips to find your dream apartment quickly

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Springtime is all about renewal notices and the decision to stay or leave your apartment. As we all know, moving can sometimes be like a leap in the dark. We often have to advise our landlord of our willingness to leave even before the apartments that might interest us are posted. In many regions of Quebec, demands are so high that it can be a struggle to find an apartment that we really like.

How to find the perfect apartment? How to find an apartment quickly? Here are 5 essential tips to help you find your dream apartment more easily.

Talk openly about your plans to move with your family and friends

Many tenants underestimate the value of their network of friends and family in their quest for the perfect apartment. Identify the people you know and trust and ask them for a direct referral to the property manager. Good tenants refer good tenants, and landlords know this. Just like in the job market, a referral from a valued employee will have a distinct advantage. You could be offered apartments before they are even posted and avoid the stress of the housing war.

Monitor your credit

Monitor your credit. More and more landlords are conducting a pre-rental screening process and requiring a credit check of the applicant before signing the lease. Be aware of things that could affect your credit and cause you to lose the apartment you covet. Maintain a good credit history by paying your credit card balances and bills on time. You can request your free credit report every year from one of the credit bureaus, either Equifax or TransUnion. You’ll get an idea of how your file is doing and what you need to change, if necessary.

You have no credit history? You are a newcomer to the country? You are a student? It is possible to add a surety to the lease. This person will act as an endorser and will be responsible for paying the rent if you fail to meet your financial obligations. If you know that you will need a surety, identify the person who will agree to sign the lease with you and mention it to the landlord. The landlord can then run a credit check on the surety, and you will avoid having your application denied for insolvency.

Waiting for the result of your credit report before offering a surety or the delays caused by the surety’s obligation to come and sign a paper lease could cause you to lose the apartment you want.

With Bloc Solutions’ electronic lease signing, you sign your lease faster, and your surety won’t even have to go to the office to sign the lease. Everything can be done remotely. Simple and efficient.

Subscribe to home insurance

Subscribe to home insurance. Many tenants believe that only the landlord has to do so, and therefore, that it is pointless when renting an apartment. Give it a second thought because, in the event of theft or damage to the apartment by fire or water, you could lose a significant portion of your personal property if you are not insured. Even worse, in a case of negligence, you could be found responsible for the damage and have to compensate the landlord financially. The amounts can be very high. Some tenants are unable to pay the amounts owed and have no choice but to go bankrupt. However, there is a simple solution: home insurance. For a few dozen dollars a month, you and your landlord will have peace of mind.

Tell the landlord that you will be purchasing home insurance. He will be reassured, you will be protected, and you will make a good impression by showing your sense of responsibility. Bloc Solutions offers you the possibility of obtaining a free home insurance quote when you sign your electronic lease on its platform. You will even be able to send your insurance coverage summary to your landlord via the secure communications platform in Bloc Solutions.

Make sure the apartment you are looking for meets your expectations

When you are looking for an apartment, you have no time to lose, or the perfect apartment will slip through your hands. On the other hand, the landlord may be overwhelmed with requests to visit and wants to rent quickly to the best possible tenant(s). Set clear expectations and make sure that the apartment will suit your needs:

  • How many people will live in the apartment?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Are you a smoker?
  • Do you need parking?
  • Will you accept a credit check?

When you contact the landlord, make sure you have answers to these critical questions and make it clear to the landlord that the unit is suitable for you based on the points listed.

Managers who use Bloc Solutions’ rental applications will have you fill out an online form that will let them know if there is a perfect match between your expectations and the owner’s. You can also indicate your availability for a visit to speed up the process and reduce your risk of missing the right opportunity.

Talk to the building tenants

You’ll most likely want to take a tour of the apartment you want to rent before you commit. Arrive several minutes before and observe the surroundings and other tenants. Introduce yourself and talk to a few people in the building. For example, ask them:

  • How many years have they been at this address?
  • What is the condition of the building?
  • How is the landlord?
  • How is the soundproofing and noise level of the tenants?
  • What is the profile of the other tenants, etc.?

In addition to validating your interest in the property, you will be able to confirm if it will be a pleasant living environment for you.

Happy searching!

-The Bloc Solutions team

13 July 2021 à 16:00