Pre-rental inquiry

Proceed with your pre-rental investigations directly from the Bloc Solutions platform. Save time and money by avoiding double-entry of applicant information. Complementary to the application management tool, the pre-hire survey has never been so easy.

  • A detailed result

    An interface allowing you to easily interpret the results of your applicant investigations.

  • Unmatched efficiency

    Ask your candidates to complete the consent form and get the results in just a few minutes.A customized investigation

  • A customized investigation

    Customize your pre-rental investigation according to your needs, no more, no less.


In order to use this feature, you must have created your free account. You must then create the units to rent on the platform.


Select the applicant

From the Applicant Management Tool, select the applicant(s) relevant to this investigation.

Select the applicant

Customize your investigation according to your needs

You have the choice of doing an Equifax® credit investigation only or adding other options such as employment reference, rental reference, Tribunal administratif du logement, and criminal record, etc.

Select the applicant

Configure the options

Select the language of the form (French or English) and enable automated reminders to encourage your tenants to complete the form.

Select the applicant

Analyze the result of the pre-rental investigation

In a few minutes, get an easy-to-understand survey result so you can accept or reject the application with confidence.

Select the applicant

Simple, efficient and fast.

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