Update of our pricing model

Bloc Solutions has updated its pricing model for newly created accounts and the same changes will apply to all existing Bloc Solutions accounts beginning July 1, 2022.

What is changing in the pricing

In short, we are moving from a lease-based pricing to a rental unit-based pricing. Let’s remember that at the beginning Bloc Solutions was a platform that mainly allowed the generation of electronic leases. Since then, the number of functionalities offered has greatly evolved and made Bloc Solutions a complete rental management platform. See full features here.

Two important points to note:

  • You will not pay more for Bloc Solutions than you do today unless you make changes to the number of active units in your account.
  • There is no action required on your part.

There are two types of units in Bloc Solutions


Active unit

A unit is active when it contains an active lease or an imported lease that has been renewed on the platform and whose start date has been reached. This unit benefits from all the functionalities offered in Bloc Solutions.


Inactive unit

An inactive unit is a unit for which you do not use Bloc Solutions to manage it.

How do I know if my unit is active?

  • The door pictogram turns green
  • The status of the unit is Active (in the unit information)


How to activate a unit

A unit will automatically become active once a lease is fully completed and signed for that unit. It is also possible to activate it yourself in order to use the full potential of the platform.

In the event that you no longer wish to use Bloc Solutions to manage a unit, you can simply deactivate it through the same process.

Here is a short video explaining how to activate/deactivate a unit.


Why we are making this change

We don’t make pricing model changes lightly, so we wanted to give you an overview of our process.

For us, this is primarily a direction that will allow us to technically develop functionality based on what our platform actually allows us to manage, a rental unit. Thus, the lease becomes a service offered for the rental unit and not the basis on which the logic of the management platform is based.

This decision will allow us, in the future, to better align our pricing with the value we provide. You can also view the new model on our pricing page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team at [email protected].

Sincerely yours,

The Bloc Solutions team

27 June 2022 à 16:00