Bloc Solutions : the environmental benefits

environmetal benefits

Discover how Bloc Solutions platform is a boon for the environment.

There was a time when we had no knowledge of the harmful effects of our daily actions on the environment. Recycling or composting was not part of anyone’s vocabulary.

Over the past three decades, great changes have taken place.

As for the professional world, certain sectors of activity are lagging behind. This is the case with real estate, particularly rental real estate, still governed by paper. Finally… until now. Up to Bloc Solutions. Because preserving the environment is in our DNA.

The positive impact of Bloc Solutions on the environment

Bloc Solutions offers a unique solution in Quebec to building owners and managers, in addition to providing measurable added value at the ecological level. We understand better why by looking to the not so distant past.

Towards a generalized awareness

It was not until the 1960s that the environmental footprint of companies was questioned. It was only in the 1970s that specialists looked at climate change and the potential impact of the increased concentration of greenhouse gases observed in the atmosphere.

Today, the environment is a major issue for our society. We are more and more aware of the fact that everyone must contribute in their own way to improve the situation.

For example :

  • take public transport
  • carpooling
  • reduce paper use
  • ban plastic bottles
  • use reusable bags
  • buy in bulk, etc.

The business world and the environment

Ecological awareness has developed in the world of business and institutions. Many awards are given to recognize good behavior. For example, the 2019 Hotel of the Year award for sustainable development or the Canadian Environmental Innovation Award.

In addition, technological advancement within companies encourages the reduction of paper use.

The environment, at the heart of Bloc Solutions values

The Bloc Solutions platform allows property owners and managers to manage the relationship with their tenants 100% online in addition to generating electronic leases approved by the Régie du logement.

We understand how it is an ecological solution beneficial to the environment.

The positive environmental impact of Bloc Solutions in figures

Every minute, an average of 2,400 trees are cut on the planet for the purpose, among other things, of producing sheets of paper.

But how many sheets of paper can you produce with a tree?

The answer: we estimate that with an average tree we can produce almost 8,500 leaves.

Also, an average mature tree produces nearly 120 kg of oxygen from Co2 each year. It eliminates in one year the carbon equivalent to that produced by an automobile which runs for approximately 42,000 kilometers (according to the site

For every lease created electronically, you avoid wasting five sheets of paper. You also help save around 10 liters of drinking water for each paper lease you produce.

And that’s without counting the trips avoided when using our online platform! The average distance required for trips is estimated at 10 km, which represents about 1 liter of gasoline.

Let’s look at the Co2 emission that will be avoided when producing a lease electronically: 1 liter of gasoline is equivalent to 2.51kg of Co2. Therefore, if you produce 100 leases online , 251kg of Co2 will be avoided.

Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas. The greenhouse effect contributes to global warming, the rise in sea level, the decline in cereal yields, etc.

Every little thing we can do can help improve our environmental footprint.

In summary

By using the Bloc Solutions platform , you contribute to:

  • Put an end to the waste of paper in the management of leases of educational institutions.
  • Save several liters of drinking water for each paper form discarded.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas and Co2 emissions generated for the paper management of a residence.

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1 September 2021 à 16:00