What is a lease renewal notice?

When the end of a lease is approaching, many landlords contact their tenants to send them a renewal notice (also called a lease renewal notice). A lease renewal notice is a written letter sent to the tenant by their landlord, advising them of any changes made to the lease and asking them whether or not they intend to renew their lease.

“Renewal of a lease stems from the lessee’s right to maintain occupancy. That right is recognized by the Civil Code of Québec and has significantly influenced the current system for fixing of rent. The lessee cannot waive it in advance (for example, with a clause in the lease).” Source: Tribunal administratif du logement

Please note that if no notice is sent by the landlord, the lease is automatically renewed with the same conditions. Follow Bloc Solutions’ advice to avoid any trouble concerning this famous letter.

Best practices

Specify how long the tenant has to accept or reject the renewal notice. The tenant has 30 days from the date of receipt to respond. If the tenant does not respond within the time limit, the lease is renewed automatically under the new conditions.

  1. Indicate any changes made to the lease (e.g., no smoking).
  2. If the rent increases, it is crucial to express the precise increase in dollars or as a percentage of the current rent.
  3. Add the date and signature of the landlord or agent.
  4. Follow the time frames set out by the Tribunal administratif du logement:

Table of notice period

For example, for a lease ending on June 30, 2022, the tenant must send a renewal notice at least 3 months before the end of the lease, i.e., by March 31, 2022.

Many also take the opportunity to send the RL-31 at the same time. To learn more about this form and the deadline for filing it, you can consult the section on this subject: What is RL-31?.

Important legalities

  • The renewal notice must be accompanied by proof of receipt (e.g., registered mail, hand delivery with return receipt, electronic renewal notice through Bloc Solutions);
  • The notice must be written in the same language as the lease and sent to the tenant’s address listed in the lease;
  • The tenant receiving the notice may: Accept the lease renewal with its modifications. Reject the proposed amendments and renew the lease. Not renew the lease and vacate the unit at the end of the lease.

The electronic renewal notice

Save time and eliminate the risk of error by using the electronic renewal notice offered by Bloc Solutions! The notices created and transmitted by the platform are fully compliant with the Tribunal administratif du logement. The Bloc Solutions platform allows you to obtain an acknowledgement of receipt that confirms that the tenant has received the renewal notice (just like signing the acknowledged receipt when receiving a registered letter).

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Sources : Éducaloi Tribunal administratif du logement

23 February 2021 à 20:00